Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

"Inktober" and Cards

The arty corner of the internet is all abuzz with "inktober"... Art with ink in the month of October.  I think most people try to do something with ink every day.  I'm not committing, but I did try something.

I used black non-waterproof ink like watercolor for this little value sketch.  It was hard!  Ink is so intense, it was hard to get the values right where I wanted.  So, nothing special, but it was a fun try.  Perhaps I'll do more...

Also, I was in need of a card for a friend who is moving away, so I tore up some gelli prints and made three cards.

Inside this one, I'll write the words to "Blest be the Tie that Binds".  

The others have no words yet as I'll add those when I know what they'll be for.

Not sure I love the painted stencils here, but oh well, it was an experiment.


  1. That bottle is fantastic! Really really good! I know that the light values, with ink, can't be changed once down so you did a great job getting it just right.

    The card if lovely too. A keepsake.

  2. Impressive, Katie. You are really getting the feel of the mixed media. And I agree that your ink work bottle is well done. Ink isn't the easiest to work with. Thanks for sharing what you are doing, and it is so good to see you taking creative time. Good for the mind and the soul! Keep it up.

  3. Nice inktober project! And the cards are lovely!