Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016

Reformation Sunday

An Old Painting

I did this years ago. It sits still in a corner in my studio.

Blessed Sunday.


  1. Oh, I LOVE it! Why is it sitting in a corner?

    Blessed Reformation Day to you!

  2. I see in the light of day that the photo quality is quite awful. Sorry. I am having some computer problems, too, otherwise I would re-do the photos. It's a good thing I am not doing a post today. (Thanks, Pam!)
    Katie, it is sitting in a corner because it was a commissioned work, paid for, but not accepted by the commissioning party (somebody in Oregon, then), for reasons I never knew, though he said he liked it.

  3. That is an absolutely awesome painting! Does it technically not belong to you, then, or can you adopt it and give it some place to hang out? It really shouldn't be in a corner! :)

  4. It does belong entirely to me. (In my commission contracts I have a non-refundable deposit, a satisfaction guarantee, and the work is mine until fully paid for and sent, but it didn't have the final payment -if I remember correctly - and the commissioning party canceled his request before the painting was sent - with no explanation.) I don't have a place for it, but maybe someday it will have a home. It is quite large.