Freitag, 7. Oktober 2016

More Baltics 8

What's First?

Housework or art? It depends on the day, but with people arriving tomorrow, first things first.

So here is more of the Baltics. This is a continuation of pictures of Riga, the capital of Latvia.

A Government building on the main square

Across the square is this older building, from the merchant days. (The light was intense.)

As in so much of Europe the churches are sometimes little used for worship....

.... so this one was a museum.

Here were jolly fellows who offered to chop off your head for picture takers. 

This lady was nicer and sold you medieval jewellery.

If you needed to defend yourself from head loppers, this lady could assist you.

This quartet is far from Bremen but evidently came to see the sights, and they disapprove.

And the soup seems to be ready.

This duo was playing Chopin, not on a piano.

An inn in an old wall

This is the lower part of a freedom monument.....

.... overseen by Lady Victory.....

....and very still guards.....

......and a guard of the guards (maybe so they don't smile when people go up to stand by them for pictures, or maybe so no one tries to pinch their cheeks).

They could defend themselves, and Lady Victory.

Good-bye Riga.

Next up: a castle visit.

Have a good day.


  1. Great pictures and hilarious commentary.

    I am impressed by the alignment of the guards... Ears over shoulders over hips over ankles. Impressive. That's how we all should be but we all aren't.