Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016

Fall and Baltics 13

Estonia continued

At the open air museum we visited this embroidery display was in one small building. One woman did all this work in the native style.

This is a typical floral motif.

This is the lady at her house.

Close up of individual stitches

Their house shoes

"Modern" (in the sense of having bright dyes, that were not available before the industrial revolution) ethnic dress -- and some Estonian gentleman?

This was the hired hand's quarters. Comfy, eh?

A dairy room

This was earlier ethnic dress, found in a tomb and recreated.

More gorgeous embroideries


These are some of the special knitting patterns from this island.

She probably knit them herself.

This island has annual festivities with folk dances.
 Then we drove a bit further to visit the home and studio of the lady who does the marvellous embroidery work we saw in the shop.

This is she and her studio and a bed cover commissioned work in progress. Many foreign people ask her to do special pieces for them.

Another part of her shop. She said her grandchildren get to work at the loom while she does embroidery.

These are her scarecrows in her garden. I think they might attract any crow with good taste.

Fall color

Back home today on a soggy morning walk....

 So, what was the predominate color in this post?


  1. Definitely red. Very impressive skill becoming so rare.
    The Estonian gentleman's wife needs a face too.
    Thanks for the virtual visit,

  2. Orange! long before you asked the question, I was thinking, "wow, so much orange!"

  3. The prettiest embroidery in the world.