Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2016

Receipt Sketch and Random Painting

Although I feel like I got SO MUCH done this weekend, I don't have much to show you from my artistic adventures...

During a slow time at work I tried to sketch on the back of a receipt some water drops on the counter ...haha.

And Naomi asked me to paint with her this weekend, so I did! It's been almost five months since I picked up a brush, and she didn't have enough red and yellow to mix other colors with, so I tried to practice monochrome stuff.

(Naomi was using paint to color in a page from her Frozen book.)

Got a reference off Pinterest, picked up Naomi's Apple Barrel White, Black, and Parrot Blue, and went to town.

Initial sketch...

And "finished" painting. I never know when I'm done with painting things, but I'm leaving it now. Haha. I don't have much patience, practice, or knowledge in the painting department, but I can't do everything, right?

Anyway, I'm fairly happy with how it turned out... Of course I see MANY mistakes, but I like the color.


  1. This is exactly what you should be doing - pick up a brush and any medium handy and make art. Good job. You have a finefomposition in your painting and the limited palette suits it well. Your perspective is good as is the shading.
    For future works, I would suggest you find some strong and secondary highlights to add punch to the work.
    Drawing in spare minutes at work s time well used too. I would suggest you set yourself up a mimi still life or peek out a t the people and draw one or two. Mainly remember to keep a sketchbook with you at all times and have a drawing pen, and work from life. - meaning from what you see rather than reference works. Those are already flattened into two dimensions, losing a part of their "life." Working from real things in the real world gives you an opportunity to react to three dimensional and "living" things, from which you will grow much more as an artist.
    Good work overall.

  2. I LOVE that typewriter! The color! The style! Why can't I paint like that? (I know...I'm too literal)

  3. Compliments on the typewriter. Amazin what you can do with a single color, black and white, huh?