Montag, 17. Oktober 2016

NonSense Drawings? and other projects....

Katrina's been toying with something new... she calls them nonsense drawings
(I apologize, some of these pictures are not very clear)

It seems to me there's another name for them, but it escapes me.

She recently was teaching a young friend how to do them as well.. things sort of thrown together at all different angles.

kinds hard to see... i included 2 angles on the last one (which was I think her first one)


She has also been doing some more card making.... here is a recent wall hanging she made with wallpaper and gel pens on a print paper.

Also a little acrylic painting....

this one she wants to do more to the door:

Here she was toying with designs... the middle design her dad thinks looks like a girl dancing with scarves... the text says "that they may know"

and Lastly, her first paper clay project... she took a block of 2x4 wood and sanded it till smooth... made individual petals with the paper clay... which is much harder to work than other mediums we have handled. Then she painted it with acrylics and glued them all into place... it's a little wall hanging:


  1. What fun! I love the wall hanging. :)

  2. So good to see your work Katrina! I especially like your line work on the "nonsense drawings" and your wall hangings.

    As a note to anyone working with Paperclay, it is usually done over an armature to hold its shape, unless the parts are very small. For instance, if doing a head, start with a foil or styrofoam ball and cover it with clay to model.
    Your flower and leaf turned out well, Katrina.

    And the "dancing girl with a scarf" is great.

  3. Super fun! I'm glad she's playing with art. :-)

  4. That paperclay flower is very pretty. I'd suggest alternating the petals next time (have a petal fill the gap between the two petals below it).