Dienstag, 23. August 2016

Half-baked Stuff

I worked a little over twelve hours yesterday, and almost forgot to post this week! I have been working on some stuff by bits, but nothing is finished yet, so I will share some half-baked things.

This is part of a dinosaur hat and diaper cover set one of my co-workers requested for her expected baby (which she just had yesterday morning, yay!)...,

...and in exchange, she gave me a hoop she made/decorated... it's pretty cool, but it's been so rainy lately I couldn't get a good picture. Here's a picture anyway so you can get an idea of it...

And then there's a heart-shaped crochet pillow I have made several times off the top of my head (not exactly the same every time, of course), and I am attempting a second time to write the pattern for it. (Yes, that is the same kind of yarn I am using as the main color in the hat/diaper cover set. Haha.)

And the half-baked drawings... They're actually less than half, I suppose. Haha.

A good week to you all!


  1. Wow, impressive. I am glad you remembered to post, because these are worth seeing. I have wanted to learn to crochet for a long time, so I like seeing what others do. Thanks. And your drawings! Yes! Really good. I am glad to see you filling your sketchbook.

  2. Thank you! And you should totally try crochet. I think I'm addicted. lol

  3. Sarah has absolutely perfect tension. Something other crocheters {{ahem}} notice.

  4. I don't know anything about that skill, but it might be why the works look so good.

  5. I love seeing your crochet projects. Like Pam says, you have a rare skill when it comes to making each knot(stitch, whatever it's called in crochet) even with its neighbors.

  6. Haha, thank you for your compliments! I guess I hadn't realized my tension has gotten more consistent. Practice pays off. :)