Montag, 15. August 2016

Quick Project Updates

I am embarking upon the busiest two weeks of our summer.  Company, visits, a mini-vacation, appointments, parties, plus continuing garden harvest and trying to organize (and declutter) for the beginning of school.  The Mixed Media class has less than two weeks left, so I hope to keep working in that as well.  So for now, just a quick update to show a little more.

Evan revisited his bird picture that I showed before.  He added watercolor and it is now very fun and colorful.

I had the idea to try stamping with fresh leaves.  I realized that I really need a brayer to make this work better, but I ended up borrowing a roller from my kids' playdough supplies and that helped a lot!  (Hey, ya gotta use what ya got!) I finished it with some doodling with black and green pens and a fine white paint pen.

And here is a background that I started the other day.  The border is done with modeling paste and a quilting stencil which I have had around for ages and never actually used for a quilt.  I like this, and don't want to cover it all up and loose what's there, but it really needs more added to it.  I just have no idea right now where I want to go next.  I'll show more when I figure that out (and take any suggestions you might have!).


  1. Very cool mixed media, and I can relate to using play dough tools for other art projects as well! Haha. :) Lovely bird picture, too. It is quite colorful.

  2. Really nice work here, Katie. I can understand the desire to retain the work and not just cover it all up. I would suggest you think of them like those pretty scrapbook papers one sees and uses as frames and such for a focal piece. You could use yours as backgrounds for a drawing (portrait of a child) or photo even, maybe manipulated with interesting effects, or a mini collage of elements (natural and otherwise ) adhered in one section of the page. You could do a quickie background like Evan's for a practice piece, to try things before using these here.
    Also look at the teacher works on the class site and her inspirational message pieces (the to y frame effect ones) and little figures and the collage works that she is sending as gifts.
    As she says, keep playing. Don't feel obligated to cover just to be covering though. Do what YOU like.

    1. Thanks for the input. :-) I really want to do some collage next. I have ideas, but not the materials, yet. Hoping to make it happen in the near future.

  3. Best wishes on your busy two weeks.

  4. hmm... the word before frame, above, should be "tiny."