Donnerstag, 18. August 2016

More Baltics

Home Again

We returned late last night, so, as you all know, that means today was full of catch up work. That also then means no art work, so here are some more trip pictures.

We passed many, many public gardens and floral displays. Here are a flowered ship and ladybugs.



This ship is a restaurant. We did not go on it. I think eating on a swaying ship would not enhance ones appetite.


As we headed to the docks to find our ferry boat, for passage to a sand breakwater, we saw this mysterious figure crawling out of the slimy green water. (I think if I were a mysterious figure in that water, I would climb out too.)



This was not our ferry boat.


This young fellow was probably saying goodbye to his Papa, and the dog is resigned to misery. Our dog was too, while we were gone, but did happy dances for a long while when we returned.

Guess what we got talked into? Our driver was a teenage boy earning his college money.
He drove us to see some Soviet ships on display, then to the beach of the Baltic Sea across the narrow  sand breakwater.


The water was not inviting for a swim, but some people like to brave the cold.


This was our carriage horse. All the wagons of the various horse carriages seemed to be homemade jobs.


After we returned on the ferry (an 80 cent ride), we saw this fish smoking chamber along the street. It smelled good.


That's all for now.
I f you do or don't like trip pictures, let me know.
Best wishes on squeezing art or some kind of creativity into your days.


  1. Those were some very interesting pictures and places! I know some people who would love that smoker.

    Those sculptures are actually quite poignant. I think that one though- the Grim Reaper fell overboard and no one cared to fish him out.

  2. Pam, you might be right about the water fellow. He was called the Dark Man there.
    Katie another place had geese, which I may show sometime, if I find the picture. Many interesting arrangements.

  3. Since I didn't see the place's name mentioned anywhere - this was the old city of Memel, called Klaipeda since the Soviets came through. It's funny how different a city looks when you've studied its place in history and have written about it, and then you suddenly realize you're in it. (I had no clue Klaipeda was Memel until Dad told me.)

  4. Haha! Thank you for sharing! I agree, I would totally climb out of that water as well.