Samstag, 20. August 2016

Wee Whimsy 1

Pancake Doll, Lithuanian-style

In one of my summer classes, I am to make some "Prims" from two pieces of fabric, which are then painted and embellished. They are intended as Christmas decorations. As I have said too many times, this has been a busy summer, so I haven't had so  much time for my class projects. To help make some progress I decided to take this Prim (which stands for primitive doll, in any very simple form) project along on the trip and work on it in spare minutes. As it turned out, there were very few of those, except during driving time. I can't read in a moving car, but I can sew, and look at the scenery at the same time. So I did.

I had prepared the fabric with interfacing and the pattern marks, so on the trip I did the hand sewing of the seams. The roads were quite uneven, so my stitches were too, sometimes, but I got two forms sewn , turned, and stuffed, ready for colouring.

I decided to skip the winter themes of the class projects and instead make the attire like the folk dress of the Baltic countries. I finished the first one yesterday. It has Lithuanian folk dress, based on what we saw at the Open Air museum with the weaver.

This is made of muslin and polyfill, and is about five inches high. The clothing is coloured with fabric markers, gel pens and permanent markers.

The back

The face was drawn with coloured pencils and permanent pens, with a touch of pastel on the cheeks.

The next one in the works has a Latvian costume.