Sonntag, 28. August 2016

More Baltics 4

Baltic Versailles

This palace, obviously modelled on the French version, was the home of ruling counts, then various invaders. It is now a worth-visiting museum, without the horrendous lines and crowds.

Gate to the courtyard.

The stables and carriage houses

The inner courtyard to the palace

As one enters......

.... and puts on little slippers to keep the wood floors unscuffed....

.....then goes up the grand staircase.....

...into the grand rooms....

....with lots of gold and plasterwork....

(the marble is beautiful paintwork) marvels at the nice copy so far away from the original (but still closer than St. Petersburg)
Pictures from here will continue.
Blessed Sunday to all.


  1. The third photo looks so much like Queen Maria Theresa's summer palace in Vienna.

  2. Because of its relatively small size, the Baltic palace does more resemble the Austrian version than the French. Schönbrunn is more similar in plan, too.