Freitag, 26. August 2016

Finished Doll Project

Done Finally

After weeks and weeks of sporadic work, sculpting, hand sewing, stuffing, gluing, more hand sewing and sculpting, and making three dozen plus ribbon flowers and leaves,  then attaching the whole conglomerate together, today I called the project finished. This was for one of my summer classes, called Romantic Rosabella. The teacher's doll was in pinks. I made mine in Midnight Moonlight colors.

I am not happy with the sculpting, but I did learn a lot about what not to do, and I enjoyed learning about the embellishing process, to be put to use in future works. I think that with drawing the first 1000 don't count, with paintings the first 100, and I am hoping with dolls the first 10. This is my third.

Head and torso and arms are air dried clay (not a good one for this - next time: Paperclay!) Fabrics are silk that I dyed (except the skirt train which was from a silk class Maria took some time ago). Flowers are silk and satin. Hair is silk roving. Eyes are acrylic.

Now on to the next class projects, including the Mixed Media class, Katie.


  1. Beautiful and very elaborate! That must have been many hours of detailed work...

    You really signed up for a lot of classes this summer! I am impressed. I don't think I could have handled more than one.

  2. Thanks, Katie.
    I did sign up for many classes, too many, as the summer got busier and busier; but it has been worth while and enjoyable.

  3. How can you not be happy with that sculpting? I think it looks great. As do the colors and materials.

  4. Thank you. I do know what good sculpting is and it isn't this. But I do love the colors and materials.

  5. I agree with Maria about the sculpting. Have no idea what Sarah is unhappy about.