Samstag, 27. August 2016

More Baltics 3


Here are some pictures of interesting things from a Lithuanian castle and open air museum.
A large platter made from coins and medals. 

A very large cup made from coins and medals

These are the coins and medals.

A Russian enamelled cup

More Russian enamelled wares

Lithuanian country houses

A snazzy carriage

A tiny outbuilding with pretty details

A country house interior (Open Air Museum). The thing on wheels with a hole is a baby walker.

Many old and current in-use houses had thatched roofs.

Front porch and foot cleaners

Those beds were for two adult people, head to feet......

That log was a pantry. Note the handmade scooters for children, on the floor. This farmer had six, we were told. The basket is made from birch bark.

Bark baskets

A small windmill

ALL the horses we saw were staked out, even when there were fences, which was not common. There was much  un-used land, with no crops, no livestock, no buildings.

We saw many mill stones, some huge, just lying along roadways.
Hand tools

The richer peoples' home, the Jewish family

A door hinge and something inexplicable

The poorer peoples' kitchen

Kitchen cook stove and oven

These countries are still recovering from Communist rule. They are trying to recover their culture and rebuild and attract investment and visitors. We are glad for their efforts.


  1. I always think when I see these sort of dwellings how we THINK we need sooo much stuff and space for it all, but people have lived well with pantries made from a big log...

    Those beds, though. No, thank you, I really do need my king-size bed.

  2. I do agee on both points: yes to comfy beds! And, no, we really don't absolutely require so much stuff.

  3. Yeah, why couldn't they make the bed six inches (or twelve) wider? It wouldn't take up that much more space and would've been worth it to not have to smell hubby's feet.