Montag, 8. August 2016

To Capri

Maria's Trip

Maria decided to go to The Baltics for her vacation, so some of us are going to go along - soon. That means new photos. So before those start, I need to clear older ones, which is a good time to show you the last of the Italy jaunts. Mary really wanted to go to Capri, so we did, just before leaving.

Note that Italians pronounce the name CAP-ri, as we were pointedly corrected.

One gets to the island by ferry.

like this

The harbour view of the town. The island has one main town on the one shore, a central mountain spine, and a small settlement on the other side of the mountains - and that's it. Roman emperors used this for an easily defended residence, because all the rest of the sides are steep cliffs.

On the shore are a row of businesses to catch the arriving tourists, but the main town is up the steep hillside, reached by Shanksmare on hiking trails, or by the funicular (made in Switzerland, by the way).
View from the station at the top.

The welcoming committee 

A segment of the crowd of visitors in the church square

Beautiful tiles, each different, with herb motifs, lining a long series of steps

The town consists of these tiny streets and shops and houses, with pretty greenery and flowers.

All picturesque

And carefully tended

And fruitful

Finding ones way can get tricky.

but who cares -
We found our goal. This was a Roman palace, then a medieval monastery. It has gorgeous gardens around it, and hotels overlooking them and the sea.

Eventually one has to go back to catch the ferry, and pack up to return home, taking the memories along.
While I am gone, I may or may not have internet, so if anyone wants to post (Wednesday to Wednesday), please do.


  1. The welcoming comittee looks rather disgruntled.
    Those flowerbox tiles are so pretty. So are the hidden doorways.

  2. The welcoming committee was not getting anything for his efforts.
    Everything there was pretty. I hadn't been interested in going, but having been there, I wouldn't mind going back to see more, and paint some of the picturesque corners.

  3. So many pretty flowers and plants! <3