Mittwoch, 10. August 2016

A Little Look


Here is a quick look at where we are, the capital city of Lithuania.

The airport is not your typical glass and steel.

Then off for a walk.


 The city has 48 churches. This one was "rustic" but heartfelt.


A pretty flower shop.


More streets, courtyards, churches, and scenic sights.


The Lutheran church, devastated in Communist times, recently restored and reconsecrated.








Then we found a tea shop.......









The Baltics are noted for their Amber. Many shops have many beautiful pieces.

This city is noted for its many kinds of beers and small breweries. Guess who was happy.

This is a city well worth visiting. 


  1. Nice tour.
    I'm happy to see some people in the photos! Beautiful coat, Maria!

  2. Awesome! :D

    The tea shop looked fun, too!