Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

More Baltics, 2

Ocean and Villa

We walked down to the sea and then over to a grand villa with gorgeous gardens.

We parked by this pretty fruit stand.

These planters are bird figures.

A very long board walk led to the sea. Note the twisty branch fences on the side, and wild roses.

A long pier led over the waves.

Lots of people were enjoying the sunshine.

Boardwalks led through the woods, very picturesquely.

The favoured flowers were begonias, and these (what's the name in English?)

Further walking took us to the villa to which all this park land belonged.

The grounds are meticulously kept. Several wedding parties had photo shootings going on.

This view is from the villa's porch.

Porch decor

Ones humble abode

A large statue of Christ blessing the grounds. What could be better?

beautiful borders

Count those plants....
Then onward to the Hill of Crosses. Next. Probably.


  1. I think we saw at least one wedding every day of that trip, until we got to Estonia. Must be marrying season...

  2. Beautiful! And now I'm hungry for fruit lol