Freitag, 5. August 2016

Bearing Gifts

No Greeks

The warning is in regard to Greeks bearing gifts (like Trojan horses), but I was very happy to receive various gifts and offerings this week from travelers.
We are having a family reunion presently with travelers having returned over the course of the week. With them they brought fine goods from far lands and missives from - not quite popes and potentates - but from nice people.

Thank you Katrina for your pretty card and its contents. 


Thank you Pam for the gorgeous quilt. We treasure it.


Thank you Kat for the creative wall hanging. Each of those corks is different and has meaning.


And I got a couple piles of books in my own native language - always a treat.
And baking powder, which is a blessing to get.
And Paperclay, which I am eager to try. What is called Paperclay here is for fired pottery. And none of the air dried clays I have tried here quite suit what I am needing.

(Unfortunately, I think the darling owl did not get in the caravan here, so will await the next - which might be next month. I even sent a reminder note with the merchants, but I believe they neglected to read it, being absorbed in the delights of the fair lands they were visiting. Many thanks to their hosts.)

We celebrated Switzerland's birthday this week, 

Then the birthdays of two sons on consecutive days, with a a friend's, our pony's, my sister's, and my father's birthdays all in these few days too. A busy week.

 So projects did not get much attention, other than a few ribbon flowers tucked in odd moments (when I should have been scrubbing floors, but - well, you know how it is.)


  1. Oh, shoot!! The owlet!! That is totally my fault. I forgot. So sorry!

  2. I do believe another merchant may find his caravan in your land, so the owlet will have another opportunity to travel soon.

  3. What?! Pam's quilt came to us? Why do I not know this?
    Actually, I probably don't know this cuz somebody was worried I might run off with the beautiful thing. I hope I can see it IRL at some point...