Donnerstag, 4. August 2016

Grace's Words

-by Bridget, age 11

Once upon a time, a long time ago, far, far away, in a land named Granite, 

there lived a girl named Grace. She lived with her cruel Aunt Lois because her mother and father had died in a car accident when Grace was only two years old. On Grace’s 12th birthday, Aunt Lois sent Grace to school. 

While she was gone, Aunt Lois took all Grace’s things and threw them in the river! 

She then went back inside and put pins in her bed! She waited for Grace to return, but she never came home. Aunt Lois went to the school, 

but she was not there either. The teacher told her that Grace had gone to live with her friend Liz. Oh! Joy was in Lois’ heart! She didn’t have to take care of Grace anymore! However, the next day, Grace was back. “Aunt Lois” yelled Grace. “I missed you so much!” and with just those words, her Aunt decided that Grace was worth having 

and they lived happily ever after.   The End.


  1. This is a sweet story, though it started out very sad. Thank you Bridget for sharing your writing and illustrations. Keep up the creativity.

  2. I especially like the likely incidental inclusion of both the town name and Grace. Granite... a firm foundation and Grace... love when it's not deserved... shown very nicely in this little story