Donnerstag, 11. August 2016

More Lithuania


In the morning we saw a little more of Vilnius, then drove on south and eastward.
This is still Vilnius:


Through the arch (above) was this historic street (below).


This is the backside of the arch, a church with an important-to-Vilnius silver Mary icon. We heard an organ playing and singing from inside.

More and more Amber shops.


We saw many Intriguing shops in little courtyards. This was a woodcarver with very creative ideas (and no photography allowed inside).



One of many Baroque buildings.

 Then we went on to a park, once a grand estate, then sadly neglected under the Communists and the times of troubles when Lithuania was terribly abused by its invaders -Poles and  Russians - but now being restored with EU funds and used for concerts. This fine brick building with the stork nest on the chimney (good luck) was a distillery.

 And ones benches should have left over sculptures for end pieces - right?

This was the villa from the formal garden.


This was the view from the villa gardens to across the lake (one of many in the this area ) toward the castle to which we were headed.

 We arrived at the castle, a main tourist stop, we found, and worth a visit. It is on an island accessed from a bridge ( a temporary bridge - sigh - because the main one was being reconstructed ). 


 On the way were many handcrafts shops and beautiful people in beautiful hats. I do so think we all should wear such hats. Always.


 This is inside the castle walls.


This inside the courtyard of the part to the right (above).


The castle was full of numerous exhibits of all kinds of things, from furniture to china to weapons to coins to pipes in beautiful artistry.


 A pipe.


When we drove on, we saw this church in a tiny country town, where we had to turn around and go back.


We were headed for this Open Air Museum of preserved country buildings with craftspeople working in some .




There was a lot more, including interiors of peasant houses, workshops, carriage house, local horses, and other things, but not space to show it here. (If you want to see more later, say so.)

Tomorrow to the coast.

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