Samstag, 6. August 2016

Katrina's Gobblins

Once upon a time when the world was young there lived in rolling hills a little man and his wife. They were very short. He was only two feet tall and his wife was one foot nine inches. They had a very nice home and a table, richly laden with food from his garden.
The short couple's original home

One night he awoke to a horrible noise and his wife crying. She said if he looked out the window he would see big men nearly nine feet tall!  He was horrified! Three hours later the noise ceased, but sleep they could not; so they spent the night in a fright. The next morning, when he walked to his garden, he was devastated. His fields where all trampled through. The evidence that big men had been there, was everywhere. He went back to the house in despair.

From this time on, the big men had hated tried to push them into poverty ever since they’d first found them. From then on, they came back many times trying to destroy all food supplies which would provide for the winter. This made the couple’s  work much harder and they suffered all winter. After the snow was gone, a big man came to call. He said that the only way to escape the rudeness of the (big men was to go live near the stream meets with the mountains, a good 70 miles away. Of course, the man and his wife refused. And when the time of planting came the man planted two gardens one hidden away from the house hoping it would not get ruined. Shortly after planting his wife bore him not one but two boys!

Summer came and as soon as the first of the harvest started to ripen, the big men came burned the fields and again started ruining every supply of food they found, including the other garden. The man was put to even more poverty.  They had to waste a full day in travel to get to the place where they could gather food. With a day of gathering and the trip home, this caused three days away from the house. It was after one of these outings that when they came home they found the big men had come and burned down their house. They spent the night away from the house (or where it used to be) and in the morning a big man came to call and delivered the same message as the year before. So after much debate the man and his family set out, immediately.

 On the journey  they filled up sacks and dried food, since there wouldn’t be time when they got there. They lost their pony from old age, but finally after many weeks, oh joy! they reached their destination. They found a cave in the mountain (but before moving in they had to get rid of the animals already living there.) That winter they worked to enlarge the cave. That fall the man’s wife bore him another son they lived for as short time afterwards before being brutally murdered by goblins.

                                                                               THE END          

(Katrina had originally ended this story with a very sweet loving ending about the value of family... which is how she really feels, but at the last minute, she changed it for the sake of drama. :) She also had originally planned a series of pictures, but she felt the need to move on.)

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  1. Oh. Oh, dear. Yes, very dramatic and descriptive. Now shall we analyze this story for Wholesome, Healing, Broken; Know, Feel, Do, etc?

  2. Katrina dear, I was happily reading the beginning, and loved your drawing of the happy home, then began to feel more and more unease, before the devastation of the end. I think I would like the undramatic ending - no matter what story advisors say.
    It was a relief to see you included a happy picture after the story.
    Maybe we could have a sequel, in which - like TV shows, I hear - the characters are not really gone, but get to come back for further adventures.