Dienstag, 2. August 2016

Tie-dye Adventures

Last week, my sister Leah and I pulled out the tie-dye stuff and hunted up some things we wanted to color differently. Her mint purse and a few of my tees were a little stained, so we wanted to try to liven them up to keep using! We forgot to take some "before" photos, but... oh, well.

While we had the items in the soda ash presoak, we put out a few buckets with the dye solution so we could dip-dye.

We hung the dyed things up to set, then when they were ready, we rinsed them out and hung them to dry again.

The next day, I washed and dried the items. They turned out pretty cool!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how Leah's purse came out! The zippers, stitching, inside lining, and handle refused to conform to the new colors, but it's really cool that way, don't you think? And we still accomplished what we'd attempted, which was to disguise the stains and prolong the purse's life.

And that was my first swirly tee design. It's kind of neat. :)

Too bad the process is so messy, otherwise it is such an easy and fun project to do outside on a sunny day!

We forgot we had to wear gloves for the first item we dipped... Leah's hands got pretty stained, but she managed to clean most of the dye off before work the next day! I got a few splattered drops on my legs and feet, too, but nothing major.



  1. The purse definitely looks great with the contrasting zipper and strap. You couldn't have planned it better. Fun project.

  2. I think you should totally forget gloves next time. The skin colorings are quite as pretty as the coloring on the purse and clothes. :-)

  3. I agree with both comments. The contrasts are just right on the purse, and the hand really, really needs a painting of it to preserve the lovely colours.
    The swirl t-shirt is great - artsy on top of artsy.