Sonntag, 14. August 2016

An Old Lutheran Church

In Latvia

I am not able to make regular posts here (I will do more when I return, if you want), but don't want too many empty days here, so here is a short one.

Shortly after we crossed into Latvia yesterday, we happened upon an old Lutheran church tucked in a stand of trees. Under the trees was a cemetery. It had probably once been in the sun, but was neglected during Communist days - the trees are about that age. The church grounds were lovingly maintained and someone was working on the lawn when we arrived.



The church had actual candle chandeliers and an old heating stove. 



We estimated it would seat about a hundred people. 


Each pew had a little candle on it.



Up in the very dark balcony in the back of the church were a grand organ and risers for the choir.


To the side in the chancel was this familiar painting.


Today we were in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Now we are Estonia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea, with a view of the water. We are scheduled to visit an island tomorrow. (But I probably won't be doing a post until later.) This was our view of the water this evening.


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