Donnerstag, 4. August 2016

Another Mixed Media Journal Page

Here is another fun journal page I've been working on.  It is comprised of layers of paint, paper, drywall tape (!), stamping with bubble wrap and drywall tape, stenciling, gesso and pen.  Then I got a new fun tool-- a chisel-tip black paint pen!  So I had to try it out.  The lettering is not planned, it's just "scrawl".  I like the result.


  1. YES! That is good. Love those layers.

    1. Thanks. :-) This is the one where I kept challenging myself to think of another layer... and another! Etc.

  2. I love it! go great that you're getting to do this!

  3. SO great... I really need to do a better job proof reading my comments... I've noticed several typos days later.