Mittwoch, 3. August 2016

Tiny Creon Tales

Wanna hear a tiny tale? much to the chagrin of some family members, I wrote a tiny tale... some thought I should not write it, some thought it could be an embarrassment, others just laughed. Here is my tiny tale, you decide:

Once upon a time, yesterday in Carson actually, there lived a mother with a daughter, who was learning to drive. Most unfortunately, because of driving distractions, it happened that a young, good looking, local dump truck driver didn’t notice what was happening in front of him. The daughter, who was practicing her driving, was slowing down to wait for a few cars before she merged onto a highway.  For a split second, there was confusion as the daughter noticed the enormous vehicle gaining on her.  Suddenly, their little green trifle of a car (in comparison) was struck from behind. The good looking dump truck driver, rather belatedly, saw he would soon hit them and skidding, in an attempt to stop, his dump truck turned sideways and whacked them forward, propelling them into a perfectly ordained pocket in the hillside at a surprisingly high rate of speed.  Then, moments later, when all had become still, a life flight nurse who happened to be driving by came to check on them (along with the good looking dump truck driver). Oh, joy!  2 good looking men to watch them cry! The mother attempts to shoo them away with statements of their well-being.  But sadly, they persist, until every firefighter and medical person in town, who all already happened to know the mother and daughter, arrive and move them to the back of an ambulance while asking the beautiful women (did I mention they were also beautiful?) if moving their necks hurt while simultaneously telling them not to do so.  Finally though, after much paperwork and traffic, the beautiful women are rescued by their dear sweet, strong and handsome Husband/Father and they escape further infamy and flee to seek less emergent, and much more discreet medical treatment of their own accord and live sorely ever after.

now as for the illustration of my tiny tale, well... I might have twisted Sarah's arm for a real drawing, but after much prodding by my children I sketched this hurried sketch... much to a certain family member's further mortification: 

Ha! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know it's awful, but I just couldn't resist.

On another note, I have a very particular 9 y.o. boy (we'll call him Tug) who has also written a tiny tale for you:

Once upon a time, February 26, 2016 to be exact, at the beach, there lived an ice cream shop owner. Most Unfortunately, because people wanted to scoop their own ice cream, they drilled holes in the ice cream shop in order to get in to get the ice cream. For eighteen minutes, the shop owner had to fix the holes. Then one morning, a stranger suggested that the shop owner carry a gun. Oh Joy! He took the stranger’s advice and began carrying a pistol. But sadly, the people also got guns and shot at the shop. Finally though, after his neighbor came, the shop owner decided to carry several pistols and use the holes in the shop to shoot through to protect his ice cream. Thereafter he lived at the beach on sea food, bacon, smoothies and ice cream for the rest of his life. 

More Tinies in the works from other Creons soon..... 

(thanks to Katie for helping me get added as a contributor and to Sarah for allowing me to)


  1. I love them both! thanks so much for persisting and not being discouraged by other's comments - especially with your illustration.

    We ought never, NEVER, to let other peoples' perceptions induce us to discredit our work. Your picture is most certainly not awful; it is delightfully spontaneous and lively and illuminates the story just right. Good work, and do keep it up.

    The Tiny Tale from "Tug" is quite the action story. I think I know any number of other boys that might write a story like that. Compliments to him on the medieval sizing of picture elements, having the most important things largest and highest and most prominent: ones ice cream is certainly worth the risk of life and limb and bacon. I am guessing the flavour is blueberry and aronia.

  2. Loraine, didn't you know the tiny tales are supposed to be MADE UP? Tug's obviously is and it's great (so masculine!), but I really wish yours were imaginary, too. So cleverly told, though, and I love your drawing.

  3. Thank you Sarah.. Katie, I know they're supposed to be made up, but this was the perfect opportunity to make light of my troubles and it made me feel a little better.... also who can resist embarrassing one's offspring once in a while. ;)