Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

Bern Excursion

Closer to Home

As an intermezzo to the Baltics pictures, here are some from an excursion Kat and I took today to see Switzerland's capital city, Bern. We went by train, then walked around the Old Town and to the Bear garden and along the river.
A series of fountains grace the streets of the Old Town

The clock tower

Lots of architectural details

The other side

The streets are lined with arcades, and all those cellar doors go down to trendy shops.

Saints Peter and Paul church

Rathaus (Town Hall)

Across from the Rathaus

Cast bronze doors of the life of Christ, on a church that used to be a fortress.

This one was the fortress

Berns' trademark bear garden....

... now expanded to include a riverside enclosure for the two bears.
The path along the Aare river

The view toward the Münster

Where we were headed

An Alice cake

The museum we visited

Original church figures, preserved

woven cane

The Münster

The reason this baby is unhappy.....

... is this Fresser
But the flowers are pretty

Such was Bern today.

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  1. Cool! The Alice cake was interesting, but the statue at the end was a little disturbing haha.