Freitag, 16. September 2016

Guest Book

I wanted to share this guest book that I saw recently at one of my wedding deliveries. I have seen many different kinds of ways that bridal couples record the attendance of the guests at their weddings. This one is very customized and creative, with the mountain scenery of their wedding day location (though that is definitely not Mt. Hood) and portraits of the bride, groom and their pet.

                                   I was told that this was ordered from an artist on Etsy.

There's lots of space for messages from the guests too. This was on a canvas so will be fun to have framed and hung in the bridal couple's new home.

Here are a couple photos from recent weddings-

This was a simple cake buffet with eight little cakes in three flavors. No flower decorations but a variety of rustic icing styles and little flags with the cake flavor names. "Mr." and "Mrs." embellishment.

Here was the outdoor setting at Skamania Lodge with one of their brand new "tree house" accommodations.

Another wedding had a very surprising sudden outburst of hard rain just as the outdoor ceremony began. Everyone got drenched and all the tables had already been prettily set. The staff quickly moved everything for dinner into the large barn-

The rustic wood tables were lovely but not as pretty as they had been outside with pink table linens which by then were in a wet pile.

This was the arrangement of desserts near the back corner where a vintage car set the theme.

Disappointments come in life but the charming couple kept their smiles and enjoyed their guests on an especially memorable wedding day.

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  1. All very beautiful, Pam.
    I will pass along the guest register idea. I am glad to hear the young couple were able to enjoy their day even with unexpected changes (otherwise known as disasters). It bodes well for them.
    Love that tree house.
    Your cakes are hard on the no sweets resolve.