Dienstag, 8. März 2016

Critique Time

Too Soon

When I mentioned spring and melting snow, it was definitely too early. While it was melted enough to put the horses on grass yesterday, we got six inches of new snow last night and more is coming down now. So everything is capped and cloaked again.

Snow cloaks

Snow caps

No spring allowed yet
As much winter as we had all winter

It tried

Tree protection

And that little purple boot - it's still waiting.

Warm Tones?

So, how about a warm-toned drawing for today?  But it turned out to be troublesome - as smiles often are. One son's comment was to the effect of  "a creepy little elf child about murder someone," or that the expression was more a crying than a laughing one. And the eye on the right...? And another comment on the red tones being sinister....

So, what do you think? Scrap this one?


  1. Regarding the portrait- the criticisms are much too harsh. He does look happy to me, not evil or crying, the colors don't bother me either or detract. The only issue I see with it is that his focus is on something near to him, making him almost but not quite cross eyed (not crossed eyed, just focused forward.) If the eye focus was directly on the viewer, I think it would be pretty much perfect.

  2. Eh, Stef sees creepiness anywhere. Pam's right - the kid looks happy and quite normal. I don't even see a problem with the eyes.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I did do some slight adjustments - which can make a considerable difference - after the first critiques, so you are seeing something different here. But I appreciate the feedback.