Montag, 21. März 2016

Most Creative and Eggs


This was not a good idea in terms of being easy: pick the "Most Creative" from among all of you? Who came up with that concept? Oh, well, now I know better. You all had wonderful entries.

From the voting of viewers, we had lots of compliments for lots of crosses. Thank you everyone for sending your compliments. But there were so many, that coming up with one got harder and harder. Some sent several likes, with no ranking (quite understandable in the circumstances).

Eventually two seemed to be most mentioned. PATRISHA'S AND KATIE'S, with counts going to KATIE. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!

So, Katie, I have for you a .....hmmm.... not sure what to call it. How about "Telling Blocks"?

This is woodburning on Arven wood, similar to the prize cross.

The wood blocks have words on different sides and a hole for stacking or stringing to hang, or whatever you want, with or with out beads. The blocks can be rotated for different messages.

I guess, a creative person will figure out what to do with them.

Additional Crosses

Belatedly, some entries were noticed "gone missing." They have been retrieved and sent to me, so I am happy to share them with you. These are from Abigail and Katrina. We are sorry they didn't get here earlier, but we are glad you made them and that we can see them.

Her mother writes: "Abigail's is color crayon on lined paper with Christ's robe hanging from it ."

Katrina's mother wrote:"Katrina's is of wild and brown rice on a purple plate.  With the robe (with nails laying on it ) and some blood and crown of thorns (pesky brown rice wouldn't stay put to thoroughly show the crown) on the hill."

What a creative idea!


Remember to take pictures of your Easter preparations and submit something for the Egg Contest (see Sunday post).

If anyone is thinking that eggs are not sufficiently holy for Easter, note:
In Europe, the egg is a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. As the little chick breaks out of the hard shell, so also Jesus left the stone tomb. Eggs are also highly evocative of new life, and that goes well with Easter on many levels. If you like, you can also just view them as symbols of spring, and that is the other motif for this contest.

We look forward to seeing what you do.


  1. Oh! I guess I got distracted and missed the voting... The "telling blocks" look fun AND beautifully decorative. Thank you!

    And we'll be doing our eggs on Saturday, so I'll post ours at some point.

  2. You are welcome. Looking forward to eggs.