Freitag, 18. März 2016

Cross from Bridget

This cross was made by Bridget, with this explanation from her mother:

It may look blue in the picture, but it is purple. She painted the pieces and then pieced them together. Unfortunately it originally looked better, but before the picture was taken, the resident toddler grabbed and ripped and crumpled. It was revived as best she could (she's not the type to start completely from scratch againZwinkerndes Gesicht) (still some pieces ripped and crumpling.... She had to repaint and remake the cross), but here it is :) 

Bridgit, it is probably heart rending to have your art work crumpled (even inadvertently by a dear one), but actually this makes a very fine statement on the use of crosses: they bend and sometimes rip at us, but the hard things are sent by Someone who loves us, and are for our good.( There were probably "teachable moments" in this project experience.)

Thank you, Bridgit for not giving up, and for sharing your art in all its forms.


My day is over, so if any more crosses come in tonight that need posting, I will do so tomorrow before the drawing, which is likely to be later in my day. Remember, a drawing is asking God who He wants to win, with equal chance for all, big or small. Remember, too, that the making and the meditating is much more important than winning anything. We have some deeply meaningful entries here. Thanks everyone for sharing your Lenten thoughts with us.

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