Sonntag, 27. März 2016

Toddler Whip Cream Easter Eggs! - From Kat

Sadly I do not have as many pictures as I was trying to keep the mess contained and for legal reasons I can't share certain ones of them but thanks to a nice coworker I have a few to share! That is her adult hand in the last two.

As anticipated it did get very very messy but the kids and parents loved it and the eggs turned out really cool! They also liked the taste of the whip cream! 

I also brought in some snow from our massive snow storm Wednesday and put watered down paint and some cookie cutters in for them to explore. They loved it, being able to play with the snow and be warm!


  1. I LOVE those color swirls! This looks very fun, Kat. Some observers in my household said you are remarkably brave to do such a project. But I am sure the children enjoyed it. Too often children's lives are filled with negatives and "No!" to their inherent instincts, so it is good to say "Yes" as often as possible. I just got back from my walk with Retta.We go through the Tierpark, which today was packed with families (today, being Easter Monday, is a holiday). One little girl saw Retta and wanted to go to her. Retta quickly found a stick to play with her, but the mother started a rant about not going up to dogs and on and on. To some degree that is necessary to warn children about caution, but she could see that Retta was not fierce and was offering to play, so the mother could have simply said, "Ask if you can pet her." That would have accomplished all she needed to do and would not have stifled the child's enthusiasm or made her afraid of animals or been inhibiting to her initiative. So, congratulations, Kat, on being a positive person in those little peoples' lives. "Yes" is good word.

    1. Thank you :) A lot of the parents said the same thing about bravery! I have even found by having these super messy days they are calmer during the week, either getting out of their system or knowing they have a chance to get it out. It's really funny to see them react when I start moving the tables (which I only move for this event) and they know whats going to happen. Their first day of this super messiness they always look very very confused but soon love it!

  2. That idea of bringing snow so kids can play with it indoor - with cookie cutters! - is novel, to me at least. I like it. And that marbleized whipped cream egg-painting looks like tons of messy fun.

  3. The kids would love that!!! May have to try that