Samstag, 19. März 2016

More From Mary

Mary made a new cross -

Mary wrote: My Palm Sunday cross of palm I mounted in a handmade shell frame. 
It needed a comfortable home as it is a keepsake. The frame needed to 
frame ...

This is a better arrangement with the required colors.
 I added the purple flowers with a black stem that is dead at the ends. 

An a arrangement of natural elements.

 - and sent additional pictures of her collage cross creations.


The picture in its home setting.

She writes: This is the cross collage on canvas
With the cross in purple glitter on a background of black in glitter to shine in a natural world dulled by man and sin.
The cross is enhanced with a crown at the top and red dots as of blood on the other points. I like the cross to shine as both a symbol of shame but also for redemption. I enjoyed the thoughts of creating a cross and what form it might take.

Blessings to all, Mary.
The finished garden cross

Thank you, Mary.

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