Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

From Kat- Easter Egg Decorating Idea for kids

I know that Easter is still a little bit aways but my school has their Easter Egg Decorating Party Friday the 25th and I wanted to try this idea before introducing the variable of toddlers! I found this idea online and it seemed fun, easy, and quite messy (which can make it more fun!)!

First you need whipped cream (can be from the can, tub, or homemade), food coloring, vinegar, and hard boiled eggs of course! A flat container helps contain the mess.

 Spread out the whip cream out in the pan and drip the food coloring all over it. It was recommended to me to mix gel food coloring with some vinegar to loosen it up some to spread better.

Stir the whip cream with a tooth pick or spoon but don't mix it all up so you get the stripes or tie dye effect.

At last roll the eggs around in the whip cream until fully covered or kids are happy. Let them sit on a towel for at least 10 minutes to let the colors set in, you can let it sit longer but just be wary of the eggs going bad for sitting out too long. I let mine sit for about 15 minutes before I washed them off.

The final product! Turned out really cool very different!

Thanks! Enjoy
Kat from Denver


  1. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing, Kat.

  2. This is perfect for little people: lots of gooey-ness and color. I found your idea remarkable not only for the technique, but because I had just run across something nearly the same recently and wanted to try it. It had a base of shaving cream and used paints for the same process and effects.I do think that your components are more appropriate for toddlers, considering the hand-to-mouth proclivities. They could safely eat what they didn't use for painting. Or while they were painting. What I saw was used for papers, which little people could do, too, if eggs run out. Or one could use papier mache eggs or any number of other things. Anyway, thanks for the creative idea. Let us know how your little ones like it, O.K.?

  3. I will! I also thought the whip cream would be better if they wanted to eat the eggs later since shaving cream covered eggs didn't sound appetizing. It is also easier to substitute some ingredients for one of the toddlers with allergies.