Montag, 28. März 2016

Eggs from Katie and kids

The kids and I decorated four dozen hard-boiled eggs.  (No Psanki for us, though I hope to add that to our repertoire in the future.)  Our tradition has been to decorate eggs with various symbols of the crucifixion and resurrection and then we take them along to church for the Sunday school children to hunt and then they all look at the eggs they found and hear the story that goes with the symbols.

I usually draw the symbols in effort to make the recognizable (egg and crayon is a difficult medium for detail!) and the kids dip them.  There are also plenty of eggs that they can draw on as well.

One thing that I like to do is draw with the crayons on the eggs while they are still hot.  The crayon melts and makes the color more intense and I can layer them together somewhat and they act sort of like paint.  The kids do this and get some fantastic color swirls and abstract designs.  The problem, of course, is handling the hot eggs, as well as trying not to smear the design while the egg cools enough to dip.  So I admit that I worked on eggs while the children played outside, and then when the kids came in the eggs were cool enough for them to dip in dye.

And now I have to also admit that I didn't get many photos of the finished eggs.

It was kind of a busy day... So here is proof that we did it, but not much to show the results.  And now the eggs are almost all eaten... or cracked.

My other favorite Easter food tradition is making and decorating Paska bread out of my sweet, naturally-leavened sourdough.

Each year I make these and learn more things about how to handle the dough to make it turn out like I want it to, but then I kinda forget some of those things by the next year.  So I really need to take some notes and review before I start next time.

Dough is hard to control.  Unexpected things tend to happen in the oven.  The loaf in the photo above got a little funny...  Tasted just fine, though. 


  1. Oooh! Another set of great ideas: crayons on warm eggs for blending. I like that. We do crayons, too (when we are home for Easter), but adding the heat factor is worth remembering.
    And your bread looks wonderful. I'm not sure what might be "funny" about the last loaf, but it looks delicious.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity, Katie. I was hoping you would find some time for pictures.

  2. OH! never thought of doing the crayons on hot eggs! def gonna have to try that! maybe on a year we don't have any blown duck (or goose) eggs!