Freitag, 11. März 2016

Party Colors

From Ruth

Some people like to show their appreciation with exuberance. In Texas they do it up big and bold.
Ruth was part of a group that puts on monthly teacher appreciation lunches, and she sent some pictures of the latest. For those of us still in monochromatic winter, the splash of color was rather astounding, and cheery. So here is dose for you.

Now wouldn't that make you feel appreciated?

This seems to be the library. I'd like one like that.

The theme is self evident. It changes each month.

How could someone stare at a screen or sleep in that setting?

A lot of teachers and staff say this is the highlight of their month.

Color on color

Not sure of the significance of this....

And more color. Well done ladies.


  1. Looks like lots of fun. There is nothing more cheery in mid winter than a colorful themed party. We had one at our church school when my kids were younger. We made all the decorations in art class. It was an under the sea theme and was very fun.
    I think the shark watermelon must be a vessel for fruits? I think it's clever!

  2. They do this sort of thing once every month? Wow. Surely it takes a day just to set up - not to mention finding a theme and buying fitting décor.

  3. She said it is a group of moms, who know how to do these things, and they get donations from area businesses for covering some expenses. But yes, it probably still takes time.