Dienstag, 22. März 2016

Handmade Easter Greetings

The girls and I spent a quiet, rainy, Palm Sunday afternoon making Easter cards to send to our loved ones this week.


I pulled out a stash of colored card stock and envelopes, stickers, pens and stamps with ink pads. The girls brought out their colored pencils. We talked about how in this digital age it has gotten to be more rare and consequently more enjoyable to receive hand written cards in the postal mail.

We all enjoyed using the stamp pads. Leah was partial to the cross and hand colored them. They ended up looking hand drawn too.

                                                                     Leah's cards. 

Leah cleverly refolded the colored cards with the white on the outside for more effective coloring and used a white pen on the inside for the lettering.


Sarah was partial to the butterfly stamp and much more prolific in her production. So many friends and family will be treated to these greetings.


                       The cards I made will head out in the mail tomorrow to my grandchildren. 


  1. Very lovely. As you said, in this day it is something special to get something handmade and hand written.
    I liked the idea of the squiggles for space fill-in - and the pretty setting, conducive to artful thinking.

  2. The squiggles- I did that on one of my cards and the girls liked it and repeated. I am trying to remember the term for it!! I first used it in quilting, (quilted spaces , usually by machine) and I've also used it on cakes (it looks lacy). It has a term, starts with an S?....not scrumbling, not stippling.......anyone??

  3. I gave this some thought and even tried to look for a possible word, but no go. It looks like some things I've seen free-motion quilters do.