Donnerstag, 17. März 2016

Second Cross Entry

From Patrisha

We note: Cross, black, purple, meditation (below), and creator's name. Perfect.

She writes:
I'm a little wary of entering an art contest when the other participants 
are all artists and I am so not an artist, but here goes!
My Lenten cross concept started with the burlap. The rough unfinished and 
untreated nature reminds me of where I began my journey to the cross. I 
was an unfinished work (still am!) that needed His touch (still do!). 
Add to that the cross.  A simple, almost plain wood cutout to represent the
 wood that bore the Savior, nothing really special until He was joined 
with it. The jeweled adornments are to show both the location of the 
wounds and the nature of our King. The ribbon is, for me, a symbol of 
the hope to come, when He conquers sin, death and the devil and is 
arrayed in Glory for eternity. 
Together the burlap and the cross become like the Savior's cross,
special because of what He has done, despite my faults. 
I hope to add the phrase "it is finished" to the bottom right corner of 
the burlap, in a smallish font, similar to the signature of the artist, 
but haven't been happy with any of the mediums I have tried so far. 
Thanks for the challenge!  It was a nice reflection of the path to the cross,
 both Christ's and my own. 
It's Wonderful, Patrisha!


  1. Lovely!

    (Who's not an artist? Psshh! Whatever!)

  2. Pretty! I like the symbolism you associate with it.

  3. Dear Patrisha! You ARE an artist! Your cross is absolutely stunning - in its simplicity and in all its GLORY! Beautiful. Blessings on you for taking the time and for your insightful meditation. We love you dearly!