Sonntag, 20. März 2016

Spring Wedding

I thought you'd like to see the results of my (Pam's) week of baking and wedding preparations. This wedding was for the daughter of my boys' tutor. Those of you who attended my Katie's wedding here many years ago will remember the beautiful live music we had in the back yard with a harp and recorders. The bride was one of those musicians (the other musicians, her siblings, were in the wedding party of course.) 

The bride chose a theme of simple early spring elegance. The only flower used was the daffodil. The family brought in one thousand daffodil buds, which they forced open the day before the wedding. Most were in simple arrangements in white pottery pitchers on all the tables. The bouquets held by the bride and her attendants were clusters of daffodils.

I have never used only daffodils on a cake before. I found some wild daffodils for sale in a store in Portland. It was very fortuitous because the blooms were perfectly sized for a cake, smaller than the ones in the bouquets. (I am always conscious of the size of flowers in relation to the size of the cake tiers. Sunflowers can be problematic also because of their size. I have used them many times but always look for small ones so that they don't overwhelm the design.)

I added some evergreen boxwood stems from my backyard shrub for texture. (I ended up moving the bouquet on the right because I felt like it detracted from the flowers of the cake.) 

Because the family I served were friends, I stayed for the afternoon to manage the kitchen during the light appetizer luncheon that was served after the ceremony. I also served the cake to the guests. Sarah and Leah helped.
(I added those daffodils that I moved from the first picture to the central bouquet here to round out the arrangement. I used a florist technique of adding a small vase inside the bouquet to hold the middle stems in place. Daffodils are not very cooperative in arrangements. I was too busy to get an "after" photo.).  There were lots of family helpers that made this lovely buffet arrangement while I was still home decorating the cake.

          The cake flavor was perfect for a spring wedding- lemon buttermilk with lemon curd filling.

After the wedding I nearly forgot to pick up the emerald palms I had ordered from a florist. This Palm Sunday morning, all the youngsters of our church, including the catechumens, walked into church holding the palms during the opening hymn "All Glory, Laud and Honor" and placed them at the foot of the cross. 
                                  The (almost) two year old rascals did not cooperate for a photo. {{sigh}}


  1. Pretty! I wouldn't have thought all daffodils would work on a cake, but it turned out really well!

  2. Very lovely, Pam. The spring effect was clear and bright. The cake sounds delicious, too.
    Even if they didn't stand still, the children are not likely to forget Palm Sunday.