Sonntag, 20. März 2016

Palms and Spring - and New Contest

Palm Sunday

Blessings on your observance of Holy Week, beginning today with Palm Sunday.
All the meditations we had with the Lenten Crosses were good preparation for this.

Our house altar for church this morning.

Dessert was a layered concoction of dark chocolate, over a sweet creme fraiche filling, over raspberries, over a base of coconut and white chocolate. It was approved by the eating populace.


Today is also the first day of Spring. Enjoy your new season, just in time for the coming of Easter.
Blooms currently in our house.
Think spring colors.

Next Contest

If you are not tired of them, I did say that we would do a contest around Easter. I know that everyone is super busy, so this needn't take any extra effort at all. Just share what you normally do. We just ask you to post or send (to me by e-mail) what your family does for preparations - if you like. You can of course, do some amazing specially-prepared creation, too, if you have the time.

Simple qualifications!

This can be an actual egg (or two dozen), died or painted or etched or carved or whatever you like to do.
It can be the family Easter egg coloring project you do with your children.
It can be a picture in an egg shape (not round or oval, but in bird-egg-shape).
It can be a project of any sort with an egg motif somewhere in it.
The project should have either a SPRING or an EASTER theme, in pretty colors and cheery content.
This is a spring theme. An Easter one of the Resurrection with symbols or a scene would be lovely, too.


Take a picture, with your name included on a paper by the creation. Send it in.
This will be by families/households, unless individuals want to do a special personal project - then specify. You can show a collection of your decorated eggs or your filled baskets, or any other grouping, or a single masterpiece.
The idea is to share your Easter preparations.

The Prize will be a watercolor in a spring theme, with the winner's input on colors and motifs.

The deadline is Easter Monday (a holy day, too!), at midnight your time. The winner will be selected by drawing a name from all entries, again.

Enjoy the spring.

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