Donnerstag, 3. März 2016

Lent Contest


Most of us probably have mid-week Lenten services or family devotions, reading the Passion History, but we might need a nudge to put our creative energies also into meditation on the CROSS. I have been working on some cross concepts, an on-going interest of mine and also presently for seasonal use, so I am now inviting you too to make a Cross.

Contest Rules

It needs to be a Lenten cross for this (not a bright cheery Easter cross), that helps you meditate on our Lord's Passion for you.

The cross needs to incorporate the colors of black and purple, the liturgical colors for this season.

The Cross can be made from anything. It can be as simple as two sticks tied together with black and purple thread, IF you are two years old and can't think of something more. For the rest of us, consider painting on crossed wood pieces,  mosaic cross (paper scraps or tile), a cross-shaped collage of pictures of Lent items (e.g.: stone, bread, rooster, rope, sword, fire, etc.), shrink plastic cross, colored toothpicks filled in a cross shape on cardboard, a cross painting on canvas, a cross assemblage of odds and ends or bottle caps, a quilted cross, embroidered cross,  a cross cake (take a picture before you eat it!), nails wired together in a cross, ribbons woven across, etched metal cross, wood joinery, a photo collection of all the cross shapes in your environment, a decorated aCROSStic, or anything you like.

When you take a picture of your cross to submit here (or e-mail to me to post), please put a piece of paper beside it with your name  in the picture. Include with your entry (separately, not in the photo) a brief statement of the Lenten significance of your work for you.

Visual Prompts of Crosses

These are from my sketchbook. Don't use the idea in the lower right (not for Lent)


All entries will  have names put in a drawing for equal chance for all .. AND, to prompt creativity more, a special prize will be given for the MOST CREATIVE CROSS, which we will vote on together.

Deadline: you have more time this time. All entries due by the Friday before Palm Sunday, which is March 18, two weeks from now.

The prize will be a special CROSS, that I had hoped to show you here now, but I have to wait for Thom's help first. Also, I hope to be able to show you Katrina's prize from the Valentine's contest soon.
And Easter is coming and will have its own contest, so save your bright colors for that. That will happen in Holy Week, a busy time, so quite easy, with eggs.
As with the last contest, at least two people need to enter for a drawing to happen.

Another sketchbook page. I will have others next time with banner ideas for Lent.


The Cross is a most remarkable symbol that God chose for the world to see His grace. It is exceedingly simple, two crossed lines, but of infinite significance that cannot be fully comprehended by the most learned and astute. It is impossible to avoid it in daily life (similar to God's choice of Water as significant for His peoples' regeneration, reminding us of our Baptism all the time), and is used in many, many applications (look at windows, for starters), and is found in everywhere. Each of these crosses points us to our Savior.

Now, for your own edification, go back and count the number of times the word CROSS (or some form of it) appears in this post.(The number is significant.)  For two weeks, let's think of crosses.

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