Dienstag, 8. März 2016

Faces and Figures in Art School

The girls are taking several different kinds of figure drawing classes. The anime class is a Japanese style of cartooning but certainly is useful in its examination of the human form and movement.

               In the more traditional figure drawing class they worked on movement in this way- 

              In the anime class Leah worked on different ways of drawing hair. So many styles!




                              In the portrait class practicing life drawing, Leah drew her sister Sarah-


                                                                 And Sarah drew Leah-

                                                      And Leah drew a classmate-

                                                  This was an exercise that both girls did.


The students at Masters School of Art are choosing their subjects for their final class projects this week. It will be exciting to see what comes of their work later this spring.

If you haven't checked out this Christian art school yet, please look here- http://www.msoaonline.com It is definitely one of a kind in today's world!

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