Donnerstag, 24. März 2016

Marbled Eggs


Pam and household showed us a very artful egg decoration method. And Kat showed us a fun and quirky method (which I still want to try, even if it will have to be after Easter). I have been wanting to try some marbling paints, so I did some bits for practice on eggs - just plastic eggs, for want of time.

Freshly dipped

The procedure is super simple and doesn't require much for supplies or time, and needs no preparation, so it suited me for now - around baking and trip preparations and loads of other things. So while the biscuits are baking and the pretzel dough is rising, one can dip an egg or two.

1. Put water in container. 2. Add a few drops of marbling color. 3. Stir gently in pretty patterns. 4. Put egg on stick and slowly dip in container, then quickly pull out. 5. Let dry. 6. Wipe paint off water surface. 7. Repeat.

Now I have some other things in mind to do with marbling - and will see if they get done some time.
With the excess paint on the water surface, I marbled some small papers, for future use.

I love color swirls.

Snippets of these will be useful in some project sometime.

I will be gone the next couple of days, but will look for your egg entries. Do share your creativity - all kinds!
This is a decoupage bunny I did to try some materials this week. Enhanced with pastels and markers.

Blessed Maundy Thursday to all.

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